chicken! fight like a robot!

March 10, 2006
Video Game Art of the Moment
One biggish influence on my childhood drawing was the manual to the Atari game Berzerk... I think I was studied enough to catch the Da Vinci reference in this diagram:

And this "internal view" seemed like one of the coolest things ever...

After that I loved drawing big, chunky robots, often in a skeletal half-built or half-demolished form.

Typo of the Moment
Don't think tonight will work but Night Watch is pretty kickin'-- it's in Russian but with some of the best use of subtitles I've ever seen. It's (I'm guessing) probably par for the curse in terms of modern high energy vampire flicks, but it has some cool "epic" elements as well.
...I didn't realize I had written "par for the curse" until someone pointed it out...wish my typos were that clever all the time.