remembering the sabbath day

Religion of the Moment
The final point in this very over-simplified discussion of Melachah is "psik raysha," meaning "cutting off the head." Background: To kill a living creature intentionally is considered a Melachah. But suppose, for example, that a parent, marooned on an island with only his son and a chicken, is being driven to distraction by his child on Shabbat. He decides that the only object that will serve as a toy for his child is the head of the chicken, and he proceeds to cut it off (pardon the unintentional grossness of the example) without any intention of killing the bird. Although it is possible to say that the element of "intention" is lacking here, the act nevertheless remains a Melachah, because experience has shown that it is quite impossible for the chicken to survive without its head.
I thought the quote was a little punchier without its followup "(although one does often encounter individuals who seem to be running around in that condition)"

Sounds like a difficult way to live...I also remember getting a "fences around the torah" explanation for why bottled water could use a kosher symbol... (FOLLOWUP FROM 2019: though in NYC tapwater contains tiny shrimp, maybe that would be a problem...)

Video Game "Culture" of the Moment
I'm enjoying browsing through the Video Game Cameos & References database. This is President Ronnie from "Bad Dudes"... the NES version is winner of Seanbaby's best game intro list... "Did the secretary of defense stand up and say, 'We can't spare the military personel to rescue our president. So we'll just inspire a couple of street dudes to do it by questioning their badness. Easy.'"

Of course in the NES version it's George Bush senior, see...I forgot where I was going with this. I guess Ronnie was just more photogenic.