around and around it goes

Image of the Moment
--An indoor ferris wheel, at the Times Square Toys-R-Us. (Despite the blue center, I thought that the brilliant oranges and yellows made it a poor match for the "blue eight" theme.) Each car had a different toy theme, from Monopoly to Bob the Builder to Spongebob. Almost as cool as the Mall of America's coaster.

Quote and Link of the Moment
"When we were making the movie at Disney, people used to hold up crosses when the Tron walked through the halls," Lisberger said. "We were making a film that was from the netherworld, and they were just very afraid. This was the future and it was rolling down the most conservative linoleum hallways on the earth."
I love that bummed I bought it right before the bonus-laden collector's DVD came out. And given what "love of CGI" did to Disney's traditional animation studios (albeit 25 years later) maybe the cross-wielders were right!