"the best programmer encom ever had, and he ends up playing space cowboy in some back room"

Link of the Moment
Following up yesterday's TRON link... Arcade at the Movies links to videogames, real and fictional, shown at the movies. The "monster chess" shown in Star Wars is one of the most famous. I found this link in an AtariAge discussion about Rogue Synapse, a group of amateur coders who make some of these fictional games reality. I absolutely applaud the effort, though the games lack some of the polish and gloss that the early movies had that should be possible on any PC these days. I think they'll even construct fullsize arcade games for you. "Space Paranoids" from TRON! "Starfighter" from "The Last Starfighter!" Cool stuff.

--I always liked the Dogfight game from Star Trek III.

Even More Random Move Link of the Moment
Watched "Colossus: The Forbin Project" last night. It ends like the first part of a trilogy that it is, but they never made movies for the sequels... luckily I found this page that explains what happened in the other books.

Online Tool of the Moment
Yet another minimalist-UI specialty tool, this one marginally more useful than most, htmlescape converts HTML characters like < and & to their safely escape equivalents.