i pity the april fool

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Link of the Moment
I've been finding some new (to me) videogame links I liked lately... Here's a detailed tribute page to an obscure favorite of mine, Time Pilot '84. The game had a great sci-fi style, along with a "Raid on Bungeling Bay"-esque feeling as if life in the evil empire was going on off-screen, throwing tons of enemy fighters, and bosses at the player, who had a nifty homing missle feature to defend himself...the best defense being a good offense, and all that.

The site includes a neat little applet letting you scroll over the map detail, and the locations for all the goodies. It's so funny seeing such obsessive geek detail...I was thinking about reviewing this game for classicgaming.com, to go along with my review of Crossroads and Crossroads II but never got beyond making animated GIFs for it...which I dug up here, and added a few more for a fuller set. Amazing what they could do with a 16*16 grid, and 16 colors...

It's funny, I only saw the game at this little funky ice cream parlor in Cleveland Heights (you could bring in anything and they'd turn it into icecream so long as you promised to buy a certain amount of it) and when I see that page, I get a bit of sensory impression of that old place, even though I was only there a few times.