descartes walks into a bar

Joke of the Moment
Decartes walks into a bar.
The bartender asks, "Would you like a beer?"
Descartes replies "I think not," and disappears.
My favorite philosophy joke honor of my birthday today, which I share with the guy! And we both share the day with the Eiffel Tower. Yay us!

Site Update of the Moment
I know no one uses this site's archive or search 1/10 as much as I do, but I'm tweaking both. The old view past entries script turned out to be really crufty, so its been updated a bit, and the one script that could view links to all months, a single day, weeks at a time, or entries for a single day has been broken up into seperate scripts.

I'm having to bite the bullet and admit Google is a lot speedier and more flexible when it comes to searching the site than my own scripts, so I'll be resorting to them for the primary search. (Though I'll keep a link to mine around because I like how it can sort chronologically.) But I want to restrict Google a bit, because any given entry could show up in multiple places: view that day, one or two forms of view that month, and my retrospect feature. Unfortunately I'm not 100% clear how Google gets to the individual day entries, so hopefully blocking the wider views won't stop Google from knowing what's on my site.

Gotta long will I be doing this site? It has been over 5 years so far! Is there any chance I'll be doing this as an old man? (It makes me want to look into setting up "perpetual website" services for people to preserve their bits after they shuffle off this mortal coil.)

Filing System of the Moment
I've heard a bit about the Noguchi Filing System, but here's a pretty in-depth description. It makes a lot of sense, especially for use with a language that might not have a sense of character-based (alphabetical) ordering.

I guess I could say I accidentally follow a very similar system at work... just drop every paper into a filing cabinet drawer, dig out what I need (which is pretty rare, actually, most of my documents are softcopies) and then put it back on top when I'm done.

Business Idea of the Moment
Should this be my new small business? Offering restaurant patrons a place to hurl plates at the wall...I wonder if it would be tough to get insurance for something like that. Sounds pretty cathartic overall.