More odd dreams last night! This time I was some sort of liason to (a presumably pre-war) Iraq. Saddam was showing me around a rather college campus-like collection of buildings, and showing me where he did some light martial arts training etc. But overall he was just kind of dumb old guy.

Link of the Moment
Completing the miniset of game links, I was Googling up some information on Archon and came up with this page, The Secrets of Archon. For the most part it's not so much secrets as in-depth analysis, but still. Archon was a great game, sort of like that little "hologoraphic monster chess" game R2D2 and Chewbacca play in Star Wars come to life in the early 80s. (BTW, someone should really try to make that game a reality...I think the problem is it's not clear what that game is called, it's tough to Google for) Archon was a good example of balanced-but-not-mirrored forces and one-on-one combat that appeared again in "Star Control" (by some of the same people, by and large.)

Anyway, that article is from a newish site, It's a well-written blog about our not-too-long-ago electronic past, both with home computers and with gaming.