Quote of the Moment
"I'm not saying my mother drank a lot, but I was 30 before I learned Peppermint Schnapps isn't generally considered a cure for menstrual cramps."
MELAS (My Ever Lovin' Aunt Susan, at my recent birthday dinner.)
Apparently I have a taste for whisky sours that echoes my grandmothers... though in some small way it comes from Garrison "Drinking whiskey sours with a Catholic girl and thinking lustful thoughts, I had earned death three times over" Keillor.

Geekery of the Moment
Yesterday I mentioned it was tough to get info on that holographic monster game R2D2 and Chewbacca play in the first Star Wars movie, but I guess I wasn't Googling hard enough. I guess the title is "Dejarik Holochess" and like all things Star Warsy, fanboys have tried to make it more of a reality... here's a French guy making it out of clay (click on Dejarik at top, the dork doesn't support direct linking), here's some info with a screenshot, and here's even more details.