April 6, 2006
Tool of the Moment
Another specialty tool, k/grep is a primitive version of grep functionality. (Print only the lines from a bunch of text containing a specific substring.)

Exchange of the Moment
"Tranquility Base, you're cleared for liftoff."
"Roger, we're number one on the runway."
--NASA's "Houston" and Buzz Aldrin...that's a pretty funny thing for an astronaut to say.

Update of the Moment
At the moment I'm on the Tufts campus, a little time to spare before the memorial service for Prof. Schmolze, so I thought I'd check out a few things that are usually closed during the evenings and weekends I'm usually back here.

Like Eaton Computer Lab...different use of the space, though it's still a huge room, guess they never acted on the idea of adding a second level. They've moved the Macs here as well, rather than the old PC/VT100 split. I was actually student manager of the PC labs when I was here, and the people manning the counter are pretty indulgent of some silly questions "is it still like that?" and "you know, I was on the team that helped bring Internet to all the dorms! For most of my time here I had to use a modem!"

Funny to think about how much richer the 'net is these days in terms of interesting things, in particular the web. Hell I was here through the school's teething pains as students decided to get on this e-mail thing en masse, and saw the first few web browsers we had up. That Mosaic...whew! Pictures and text...too bad we only have it on these big ol' Sun X-terminals.

I still have to ask what's substituting for those boisterous washing-machine size line printers all the Stats students would print out reams and reams of data with.

Phew, I'm gettin' old. Better than the alternative, as attending the memorial service of a former teacher who didn't make it to his mid-50s brings home.

UPDATE: actually, they did add a second level after all, but wisely decided to renovate the classrooms that were lurking underneath the lab into additional PC space, and then build stairs going down into that.

Exchange of a Far Past Moment
"She's immortal!"
"You're amoral?"
"You're a mural??"
"You're a moray eel???"
--Dining Hall silliness between Rick H. and myself, though I'm not 100% sure who had which line.