running away to see the circus

April 7, 2006
It turns out that it's harder than you might expect to give away tickets to the Circus, at least on a Thursday. But in the end I'm glad Ksenia decided to go... her class got cancelled anyway, and all I had to do was duck out a tad early from Prof. Schmolze's memorial service (I guess I could try to rationalize it as fitting in the "celebrating life" mandate for the service, though that's pretty transparent.)

--If I don't think about it too hard I can pretend they painted the Tufts cannon for me!

--I had seen the Big Apple Circus before, but in a theater...I didn't realize they had a tentBig Top (thanks Catherine), and it's a little startling to see it parked in front of City Hall as you step out of Government Center T station.

--The Circus was wonderful, with a great Hollywood theme, and lots of little jokes aimed over the kids' heads and squarely at the adults. The one lame part was, oddly, the slowly-paced trapeze finale where this shot comes from, though they may have been having some techincal issues.

--Me and a sign near Davis Square, on that street with all the Dentists and Churches. That's a whole lot of well-lit mouth to be exposed to when you're walking on the street at night.