May 11, 2006
I've done an extremely bad job of keeping track of my 401Ks over the years. It's hard to keep track of that stuff, especially when rollovers take time and sometimes get stuck. And then when companies fold and merge...ugh.

There should be a rule: every document that lists, say, your name for a given 401K account should also list the damn company it's associated with!


FoSO pointed out that it might be helpful for the sidebar writers to have a link right there, as well as a reminder what their login is, so there's a new link on the sidebar, which should give the idea that it is something people can edit as well.

Politics of the Moment
Slate on Bush's terrible, terrible management style. I see this as a strong rebuke against idealism and for pragmatism.

Palm Cleanout of the Moment
While in NYC, Ksenia and I stopped in the Neue Galerie. I thought Egon Schiele's stuff was amazingly modern... this self-portrait is from 1910, but looks like... well, the 1980s, but still.

I also learned about Nazi Germany's "Commission for the Utilization of the Products of Degenerate Art", which I guess would confiscate and sell these works for hard currency.