what is cool

Quote of the Moment
Original coolness was a way of feeling like you were resisting oppression without actually doing what was necessary to throw it off.
from this article about a survey of 20-somethings that claims friendliness is the new cool.
Heh, and like everything else, original coolness was another thing the white performers nicked from the black guys. (via Nick, who specifically pointed out that quote)

Video of the Moment
Speaking of a new sense of sincerity....some public radio program had Willy Mason in studio... he's from Martha's Vineyard I think but he's a big hit in the UK, especially for his song Oxygen which has become a bit of a youth anthem there. You can see the video for it here. Good stuff; I stopped by Newbury Comics to pick up the CD before the show was even over. (I was in the area.)