april showers

April Showers may bring May Flowers, but May Showers will bring Flood Watches in Effect for All of Massachusetts. Or thereabouts.

Makes me for not having homeowner flooded basement worries.

Still, rain never seems to be a "cure" for drought conditions, its like it doesn't really count unless it's snow runoff.

In other news, I did a loveblender edition this weekend. I'm not happy with myself that it's constantly about a week later than it should be.

Oh and for the locals.... I thought I'd throw out a plug for "The Barn", the shoestore referenced in this old kisrael ("It's just east of West Newton." "Err, isn't that just... Newton?") Good selection, helpful salesguys, I think good prices...it's regarded as kind of a local gem so I thought I'd help spread the word. I had a pair of "Bass" shoes that were totally destroyed, I think during the trip to NYC, so that you could see the metal frame inside if you lifted the inner sole. My foot was hurting for days after wearing them.

Video of the Moment
Making the rounds (last seen at miller's LJ), I get the feeling other people might find this six minute history of dance (from Elvis to "Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture") more amusing than I did. Still it was pretty cool.