book 'em, danno!

May 22, 2006
Watched "The Pillow Book" last night.

Minor spoilers, also not for the very squeamish, hit Ctrl-A or highlight to read:
<SPOILER> The movie made me think that I'd love to get my skin recycled to bind a book after I die. I was thinking it would be a form of immortality, to always be on some bookshelf somewhere... and I was thinking what book I'd like to bind. Some book I've found deep or meaningful? The story of my life? Something popular, so I'd see use, rather than languishing on a shelf? But then it hit me, if I want people to read a book, wrapping it in human skin probably isn't the best way of going about it, it's pretty darn creepy. </SPOILER>

Challenge of the Moment
Zefrank inspires you to make an Earth sandwich by putting slices of bread on the ground on opposite sides of the planet. He even gives you tools to help you locate the opposite, though sadly for the continental USA that's the Indian Ocean (dang, I always thought we were more exactly opposite from Australia.) May some Spaniards and New Zealanders can get it together...

The video is amusing in its own right. Zefrank rocks.

Article of the Moment
Before it expires... FoSO sent me this article about happiness and how lousy we are at guessing how delighted or despondent specific events will make us...