"y'know, i'm just happy to be here and hope i can help the ballclub. i just want to give it my best shot and good lord willing, things'll work out.... gotta play 'em one day at a time"

May 23, 2006
I just love baseball happytalk, when players or coaches or managers just say "the right thing", always positive, upbeat, having to fit what they really want to say within the framework. Maybe it's the moderating nature of it; negative things aren't as bad as all that, positive things can't be taken for granted. I know the negative spin of that is they're just mouthing platitudes, ala "Nuke LaLoosh" in Bull Durham, that they can't be frank and say what's really on their mind, but still, I always find myself responding well to it. It's just respectful to the sport.

Audio Clip of the Moment
So when I went to the Museum of Science Star Wars show I picked up one of those meant-for-kids Revenge of the Sith Audio Books, part of my fascination with medium- to low-tech electronic devices that play back sounds or show video. It's pretty useful to have R2D2 chirps or blaster sounds at the touch of a button, especially at work.

But as I was messing around with it, suddenly I got a vision of hundreds of geeks buying this book but totally wearing out this one button, the one with Natalie Portman saying "I'll Never Stop Loving You". (It's pretty low-fidelity to begin with , and the "I'll" got a bit lost in my re-recording... (thanks FoSOSO!)) The Audio Books link above includes some of the other soundclips, albeit without the craptastic cheap speaker effect.

Clarification of the Moment
Obviously, they do not have it all at once and get drunk, but they get it in small amounts mixed in their tea.
Spokesperson from the Budapest Zoo, in this CNN article about how their 11 anthropoid apes go through 55 liters of wine a year to help their red blood cells.
What I like is the assumption that preventing apes from over-boozing needs clarification, but apes having their tea is of course completely normal.

Art and Science of the Moment
--Pouring plaster down Antholes to make these fantastic sculptures...wow. And to think I used to think the little mounds on the surface encompassed the entire ant nest, and felt guilty about kicking into one... (via Boingboing)

Passing of the Moment
R.I.P. Lloyd "I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you are no Jack Kennedy" Bentsen. What a great and riffable line!