the accidental daoist

May 27, 2006
It hit me that my life style tends to drift a bit into a bastardized form of daoism, just going with the flow, and trying to avoid big struggle. I was delighted when a Google search came up with zero hits for "the accidental daoist", thinking maybe I had (against all odds) managed to coin a new phrase, but removing the "the" returns over 100 hits. (Not that many by Google standards but still.)

Maybe it means something that the other accidental daoists call themselves "an" accidental daoist rather than "the".

Sports of the Moment
Every once in a while I like to check out the websites of other Major League Baseball teams. The other week it was the Kansas City Royals (who despite having a famously terrible season beat the Yankees last night.) They had a mailbag section that asked about the "Eephus Pitch"... a junk pitch that no veolcity, no spin, no nothing, but cam sometimes totally confound batters expecting a real pitch. The wikipedia page on it was pretty decent, as was this page that says even the greatest hitter who ever lived Ted Williams had to cheat to hit this pitch... even when he knew it was coming.

I love it. I wish some Red Sox pitcher would put something like that into the mix.