good king friday

May 26, 2006
Man, four day weekend... mmm-hmm!

I'm sure I'm just going to waste it, but still.

Video of the Moment
Nick B, who has alibism himelf, linked to The Albino Code, a goofy but legitmately funny parody of Da Vinci, with a theme of what was more likely to happen if you hired someone with albinism to do your super secret killing people and skulking around work. I also thought that a fair skin and haired guy running around in a monk's robe wasn't the most stealthy choice, and didn't even think about the implications of the vision challenges associated with the condition.

Ksenia found the the Albino far and away the scariest part of Da Vinci Code, but I think that was more about how they played up the suspense movie aspect, along with the kind of freaky self-flagellation scene.