everybody's lurking for the weekend

June 4, 2006
Weekends can slip by so quickly.

No news yet on the EBbaby front.

For what it's worth (I noticed it didn't drum up a lot of interest, but I guess that's not too surprising) my diet continues well, and seems to have survived a birthday dinner with Ksenia's family intact.

Today I created the first version of a small web app to record and sum up daily foods and calories, which beats utlizing this site's content managment scratchpad and Windows' calculator application. I made it so that if I ever feel like having the app generate weighted moving average graphs I could ditch the Hacker's Diet Palm application entirely.

Since I name most of my little web apps "k/something", this one is "k/alorie".

Quote of the Moment
"I need to get to a library - fast"
--My favorite line from a Da Vinci Code, unfortunately no one online is quite sure of the exact transcription. I love the sense of urgency to it, it gets my vote for most unlikely line so far this year.

Site of the Moment
Patent Silly has found some very silly patents. Of course, there's always a certain percentage of these that actually might be decent patents, but only if you understand more details of the situation... still good for a grin.