skinny in the city

June 5, 2006
Ksenia and I really dig "Sex and the City" and ever since we watched the complete run I've been looking for an adequate substitute. Recently I stumbled on "Ally McBeal" (after seeing its quotes page on IMBD (when did they start having interstitial adds anyway?)) Oddly, the only DVD release in the USA is a 6-episode selection Ally on Sex and the Single Life. Ksenia and I watched that and she loved so as a gift i want to get more of it. People on that Amazon page point out that it seems like Fox is being weirdly ornery by having the full boxed set in the UK and not the USA. And of course the UK set is Region 2, so I'd have to get one of those region free DVD players, or turn to this one graymarket distributor. I guess it's the copyright holders who can do what they want, but I hate when an arbitrary decision kind of leads me to circumvention... I'm perfectly willing to pay for this, but it's just not available.

Bleh. Nintendo did the same thing with not making a USA port of its Puzzle Collection, with 4 player Dr. Mario, Tetris Attack, and Yoshi's Cookie. I'm really surprised they decided it wasn't going to be worth their while to port to the USA, especially given how game-starved the Gamecube has become.

Popculture of the Moment
Not sure if i ever kisrael'd the tale of Nasubi... he was in some weird Japanese reality show, locked in a room, naked, allowed to have only what he could win from raffles and contests, slowly going a bit nuts. Seems like it would be really compelling television.

Video of the Moment
Amazing Katamari-themed HIV-awareness PSA. Almost sacrilegious, but terrific, and brings home the message of what kind of impact AIDS can still have. I wonder if it makes sense to people who don't know about the game? (thanks NickB)

I often thought a photorealistic Katamari game would be interesting, and this is pretty much it.

Feh of the Moment
Someone leaves printouts from ESPN's website around. Today I was really amused by this piece on "before their time" baseball innovations, but a little bit of thought and some googling seems to confirm that I was duped for a few minutes... it's written fairly convincingly (though I was a little suspicious at the tone in the "Fantasy Baseball" letter) and has some clever ideas, especially the Instant Replay and blogging, but still, I'm pretty sure it's a delayed April Fools. June Fools. Something like that.

So, Feh.