pain in the glass

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You know, if there's one thing I hate, it's dropping a glass that then shatters. The moment of shock, the chance of injury, the difficulty in adequately cleaning up after.. The other day I had one of these funky margarita glasses take a dive off the top of fridge as I was closing it, I have no idea how things were arranged to allow that to happen. It hit the counter and shards flew everywhere, including on top of a dessert Ksenia had made a few days prior. It actually looked kind of artistic, a tasty if plain looking pastry cake with a single big curved swirled/colored glass hunk on it, and several smaller pieces around it, and then of course even smaller glass sprinkles. I'm not sure why I didn't take the picture, I think my usual photomojo had been given a loop by the shock of having glass fly all around me.

Literary Bit of the Moment
The narrator Ethan is helping his mom load the body of a dead biker into her car
"With one big huff, I lifted Tim into the back, but he fell out with an unnerving thump. "Ethan, get him in the car."
I did that, and we backed out of the carport and driveway.
"Okay," Mom said, "let's find a nice big hole."
"Just for the record, Mom, this whole thing is creeping me out."
"Men should never discuss their feelings, Ethan."
"I thought women are supposed to like guys discussing their feelings."
"Good God, no."