hey bud

I don't think I have an instant messenging client that's really good at letting me know what buddy icon I'm currently displaying to the world. That's a bit annoying.

Hedbergism of the Moment
In my house I have a sliding glass door, and on it is a sticker that says "Warning: Alarm System". And it's a pretty simple alarm system, consisting of... a sticker.

Puzzle Solution of the Moment
A formal-ish paper-based method for solving Soodoku... it reminds me of why I dislike the game. Crosswords at least involve playing with the meaning of words, and with "Paint By Number"/picross/Nonoagrams you have the payoff of a new image.

Odd Memory of the Moment
"Will we ever see each other again?"
"I don't know. Probably no."
Rob K. et al. Summer 1995.
Rob and I were working at Tufts' Curricular Software Studio, and he got involved in a sweet summer romance with a gal who was just there for the summer from... Germany maybe? And he related this sad bit of final evening conversation... you have to hear the second line with a light accent for it to work.

For some reason that second line bounced in my head this morning as I was walking to a sales demo in the heat of a Cambridgeport morning. It took me a minute to remember the basic scene (foreign gal heading back home) and then longer for the context, I couldn't remember if it was from my own past (I didn't think so, because in general I've stayed in touch with my international ex-romances,) or a movie, until finally I realized what it was. Funny how I had to piece the memory together through the feelings it provoked, which is how my head sometimes works.