beware the roving hands of bush

July 19, 2006
Watched this great comedy/drama show from the UK called Green Wing over at FoSO and FoSOSO's last night. Unfortunately, BBC America is butchering it, losing the widescreen format, bleeping profanity, and chopping the amusing stuff that goes on over the credits. Thank heavens for teh Internets, it's amazing what those tubes can bring forth. The show is funny and fearless! Great music, sometimes playing games with speeding up and slowing down movement (hmm, kind of a Benny Hill reference, but not nearly so corny), and just a twisted sensibility to it all.

Game of the Moment
Max pointed me to four second fury, a WarioWare knock-off with a bunch of 4-second minigames, and then a boss-fight.

Politics of the Moment

--George Bush's impromptu and, by the looks of it, utterly unwelcome and inappropriate shoulder rub of German prime minister Angela Merkel. (BoingBoing reports that the Germans are calling it a "Liebes-Attacke")

Damn it, Bush, you can't Good-Ol'-Boy your way through everything. That might have been fine for Texas (well, not really that either) but just is not what a representative of our nation on the world stage should be doing.

And nice use of your veto on the Stem Cells. With 72% of Americans in favor of it, I hope it greatly helps to make a huge wedge between your party's unholy alliance of Fundamentalists and traditional Conservatives.