why babies are bald

July 20, 2006
Not to still EB's thunder, but...

Catherine was born with a surprisingly rich amount of hair. It makes for a very attractive baby but there are some disadvantages; her model of the world and her place in it is still very much a work in progress, but she still has that kind of grabbing things instinct (or maybe it's learned?)... and one of the things within reach is her own hair. Which can hurt, and she hasn't pieced things together enough to know to let go!

It's a bit funny, but also profound, just how close to a tabula rasa babies are when they come into the world.

News of the Moment
There's an escaped kangaroo roaming Ireland -- you have to love it when life imitates loony tunes, all we need now is a cat with speech impediment mistaking it for a giant mouse.

Commentary of the Moment
Wow, Lore's commentary on Youtube homebrew music videos is more scathing than usual. A bit funny as well.