summertime, summertime, sum sum summertime

July 27, 2006
This site's been a little light lately. Kind of a summer lull I guess.

Not to get overly Meta and navel-gazing, but do people think my recent policy of having fairly non-linky commentary at the top of every day's entry is a net plus, neutral, or kind of a minus? I know some people like my "rambles" more than I give the rambles credit for.

I guess I'm digging doing it, and, as self-important as it sounds, that's the important thing.

Link of the Moment
Via Bill the Splut, it's the Internet Circa 1996, right when I was graduating from college. Funny. I had forgotten how big the 101 Dalmations remake was. I also remember a Wired piece from a few years before, where a guy grabbed the domain after repeatedly confirming the company's disinterest in their own webspace.

Advice of the Moment
"Avoid surprising bears."
--wikiHow, How to Escape from a Bear

Article of the Moment
How Bush and the rest of us are totally getting outplayed by Iran.

Yay Neocons.