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July 28, 2006
If you took someone from a few decades ago, I'm not sure how many, and put them in a modern office workplace, besides all the technical achievements, wouldn't they be surprised by the "first name culture" that so permeates the place? The other day at work I was composing an e-mail to our contact at one of our clients, she's a project lead there, we've never ment, but I get to call her by her first name. I'm not very mystical about the power of names, but still, there's a certan enforced casualness that has kind of taken over the business world.

Video of the Moment
Oh, the things we can find Google Video... crave muscular thighs? Maybe you won't after seeing this video of an obscenely muscled bodybuilder. (Warning, also contains a fair amount of bathing-suited crotch.)

Mascot of the Moment
Popsicles are my favorite diet indulgence, and my diet is lenient enough that I can have one daily, sometimes even two, if I choose a nice low-calorie brand. "No Pudge" has a pretty good line of stuff, at least I like the Strawberry Shortcake. (Funny how they all their products start with the word "Giant"... guess that's something their market research tapped into.)

Anyway, the only real downside is enduring the humilation of their mascot, this damn pig with a tape measure around its waist. The popsicle wrapper is covered with copies of it, and it's on every single side of the box in the freezer.

90 Calories, 1 Gram of Fat, Zero Dignity!