lights out, uh-huh

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August 2, 2006
Strolling from the local second run cinema last night, the lights went out on the block...then on, then out. It was a very localized problem, though. You forget how rarely you see a street without any lights on, just headlights from cars going past making crazy twisted shadows. Disturbing on a visceral level. (Especially with vague, Y2K-hangover neuroticism about some sort of EMP taking out the grid for a prolonged time.)

Quote of the Moment
She had a Mount Rushmore T-shirt on. Those guys never looked so good. Kind of bloated. But happy. Especially Jefferson and Lincoln.
Guy Noir in "A Prairie Home Companion".
I'm not sure of the transcription, the two different references I could find put the Jefferson and Lincoln reference a little earlier.

Good flick though, unhurried, a bit melancholy and aware of its own finite nature. And some good music.

Art of the Moment

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"February", by Timna Woollard
from Where The Heart Is.

Politics of the Moment
I was feeling kind of smug, hearing about how Castro was handing over power not to some technocrat, but to his brother. Reminded me a bit of North Korea too. Suddenly having a father/son set of presidents with only one political opponent between them doesn't seem so bad! So take that, communist dictatorships!

Music of the Moment
I had never heard of the show UFO 'til Bill wrote about it, but I agree, it has some of the hippest music ever, as you can hear in this UFO audio / Star Trek visual mashup.

The other thing that video reminds me of... those visuals of the Enterprise passing a planet must have been pretty amazing for TV in the '60s.