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August 3, 2006
It was so hot for sleeping the other night. My sleep was very fitful, and I remember one of those reality/dream merges where somehow working with scanlines would help me get to sleep... similar to the scanline work I did for my Artsy Project over the weekend. (Hmmm... is the relationship between "Art" and "Artsy Project" similar to the relationship between "Truth" and "Truthiness"?)

Art of the Moment

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"March", by Timna Woollard
from Where The Heart Is.

Toy of the Moment
So dessgeega, the same gamer who pointed me to the creator of Crossroads and wrote the brilliant old school game Invader has a regular column on about freeware games called Free Play.

I was really impessed by the toys and games of D_of_I, especially because he sometimes works in the same environment I do for Java called processing. (I just wish I could read Japanese to get the rest of his site!) The main point of this entry is that you really need to try World of Sand, a literal "sandbox" toy, where you can blend particle elements such as water, fire, sand, plant, wall and I think ceramic as they fall through space. It's really cool to come up with different setups and see what happens. (Cannon Cat, a windows download, seemed pretty cool but I couldn't figure out if it was just a 3-level demo or I wasn't pressing the right menu option or what.)

UPDATE: LAN3 pointed out this variation of the game, which has some new additions (and subtractions), which is on what seems to be some kind of fansite.

Article of the Moment
A well-thought-out defense of the word "sucks".