eyes as black as ink

August 17, 2006
It's been said (some movie, can't remember where) that everyone is either an Elvis fan or Beatles fan, that you can't like both equally, even if you appreciate both. (Rob at work disagrees, citing himself as a counter-example, but still.) Anyway, I think the same thing is true for late night: either you're either Jay Leno or David Letterman, and you really don't "get" the other side.

CNN Screenshot of the Moment

Yesterday's big headline feature on CNN was a link to this article about kidnapping victim Jill Carroll's story via the Christian Science Monitor. It's the headline that gets me:
Captor's eyes were black as ink with a heart to match
CNN... for when you just wish the news wasn't so darn "newsy". (Actually, usually I expect better from them.)

UPDATE: In this other CNN story we see that they just don't make Buddhist Monks like they used to.

Tattoo of the Moment
So the only TV I'm watching these days is "Project Runway". One of the current contestants has a big old tattoo on his neck, some kind of script writing... I managed to google up the explanation, it's is his son's name, "Harrison Detroit", followed by "The Love of My Life" in Italian. I also found this Blog that seems to just be about the show. Weird.