September 3, 2006
Hmm. I guess there's a danger that when I'm busier at work but doing "interesting" things that this site becomes a bit "bloggier". (Or as I put it when describing the site to someone who's not web-saavy, more "here's what I had for lunch today") I don't have the freetime that finding interesting tangental links and quotes requires. And even my recent reading on the plane hasn't been too fruitful from a quote point of view.

So, yesterday. Ksenia and I thought about going to my family's place in Ocean Grove, but it seemed like too much of a drive, and the rag-end of Ernesto promised to cut into what little beach-y time there was to be had. We also toyed with like Toronto or Montreal, but then realized the drive was even longer.

(Truth is, I'm really bad at organizing vacations. I guess I really don't "get it". Putting it into my whole "interesting/non-interesting" world view... there's lots of interesting stuff at home I haven't even seen, and I don't think tourists see the really interesting bits of a place unless they have a native guide. (Plus hotels are so frickin' expensive! A typical daily rate is pretty high, beyond my typical "mad money" threshold.)

So we decided to maybe do more of an overnight trip Monday or Tuesday. So yesterday we took care of a few errands around Harvard Square, then we went up to that new Jordans in Reading. I've been thinking about something couch-like. We start at the Fuddruckers there. Man, I still think that's about the best Burger place in the world... fantastic burgers, home fries, these banana shakes...amazing.

Then we wandered the labyrinth that is Jordans. It's kind of scarey what a maze that place is.

Then we caught Superman Returns 2D/3D at the IMAX... only having 4 scenes in 3D was kind of a bummer, but still it was decent. The "Superman = Jesus" thing was a bit heavyhanded (and I know the weirdness of that coming from two jewish guys from Cleveland has been remarked upon before.) and Lois was way too young, but still not bad.