on the road again

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September 4, 2006
Heading up for a day or two to Bennington. Further updates as time and 'net access allows.

Quote of the Moment
"Well, we all got misery, but it passes, it always passes!"
--Mike Feder, "New York Son".... I used to use this in my .sig file, haven't thought about it in a while but it bounces in the back of my head.

Curse of the Moment
Speaking of misery... on August 1 this gimpy crow was hopping around the Sox basepath and things have been terrible ever since. Not just the team playing like crap, but medical problems as well: Manny's knee, Ortiz with heart palpatations... even stuff as bad as Jon Lester getting diagnosed with lymphoma. For a while I thought it was just that they needed to Varitek to mold the pitching, but now I'm not sure.

News of the Moment
As everyone has heard I'm sure, the Crocodile Hunter is dead. I don't know about the rest of y'all, but my takeaway message is this: DON'T MESS WITH STINGRAYS....