picture yourself in a boat on a bitstream...

September 18, 2006
Travelling to Seattle on business today!

The chance to have great coffee (though when I ask the people I'll be visiting about it, they mostly mention Starbucks... ugh)... and...enjoy the rainy climate... and..errr...see that tall building with the round thing on type... and... cross the lake... hmmm.

Creepiness of the Moment
--The Girl With Error Msg Eyes, an avatar in the game "Second Life", is one of the creepiest things I've ever seen, on both a visceral and cerebral level.

Quote of the Moment
"At the very minute scale, matter appears to be constructed from vibrating nothing."
--Gregg Easterbook, in a skeptical view of String Theory on Slate... hey, he's not just for Tuesday Morning Quarterbacking any more!