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October 9, 2006
So Saturday FoSO and FoSOSO and I visited Miller doing 24-hour comics day. He was working alongside a dozen or so other comic artists at Comicopia near Kenmore Square-- great comic store, that... tremendous selection of mainstream and indy stuff.

The day has been giving me the itch to try something similar, and I've actually run a few practice panels on my tablet PC. Of course, the whole thing is, if it's 24-hour comics day that kind of gives a non-cartoonist the itch (as opposed to someone who already does comics on a semi-regular basis) then the danger is you'll start thinking that somehow, 24 hours, 24 pages (or 100 panels is considered the "web equivalent") is the most legitimate way of doing comics. Which is of course silly, 24-hour comics day is supposed to be more of a fun challenge experiment-y type thing.

But without the framework of that challenge, it almost feels presumptuous to think I can or should be a cartoonist, especially when I don't feel the urge to polish the art too much beyond my current doodle-ish stage... though it might be good to have that as a way of telling a story, and know more about blocking stuff out from that point of view. (Come to think of it, my work would be one of those comics where the art is less important than, say, the dialog, and I know that bugs some fans of the form.)

I've been refining my "handpainted paint.exe" Technique. Here's one of my practice panels:
So if I'd like to try 24-Hour-Comics day next year, I should really learn how to tell a story in comic form before then... especially if I want to sit in a room with talented folk slaving w/ professional tools and inks while I poke at my high tech laptop.

Sports News of the Moment
So the Yankees went down to ignominious defeat, the priciest 1-and-out team in baseball. The schadenfreude I take in that team is enormous.

And the Patriots won a defensively tough game against the Dolphins. What most struck me was when I heard this quote from Brady's press conference on the radio:
[2nd String QB Matt Cassel] and I fight like teenage girls. [...] We are always slapping each other around and wrestling and slap boxing and [messing] around with each other in the weight room. And so I decided to take that to the next level. And we were messing around in the quarterback room one day and he walked in with a milkshake, and I kind of put my foot by the door, and I kicked the door and the milkshake splashed up and went all over him. So he sat down, and I was laughing. So I said give me the towel, because I wanted to clean up the wall. So I threw the towel at his face, and it had shake all over it. He had a little shake in his mouth and he spit it all over me.
He had me at "And so I decided to take that to the next level." Plus, if you follow the link, he says he makes Cassel call him "Longshanks."