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October 10, 2006
Hearing about the Detroit Lions right after the Tigers beat the Yankees, it got me thinking, how many cities have coordinated teams? I made up a list of all the NFL, MLB, NHL,and NBA teams and sorted it alphabetically to gather the cities, and came up with: Then there were more with more obvious thematic links to the city: There were a few other cases as well, but none seemed quite as interesting.

Of course there might be more cool instances if teams didn't move around, leading to such dumb things as the New Orleans team moving and becoming the "Utah Jazz".

Quote of the Moment
Confine your kissing to the irresistible.
Sir Rudolf Bing
...advice from when he was managing the Metropolitan Opera and there was a flu pandemic.

Maynard Ferguson...
I love this photo
I used this as the top of the page quote for the lastest issue of the Love Blender. I also did a review of "The Way We Were" and in researching that I found out something sad... Maynard Ferguson is dead!

He was kind of an idol of mine, in a campy kind of way, but man did he have chops!

He's the only jazz musician I've made an effort to see live, twice, once at Daddy-O's and once at Ryles. His cover of Herbie Hancock's "Chameleon" is just the bomb-diggity.