hulk SMASH hulk STOMP hulk STINK

October 16, 2006
So not too long ago (even though it was a month or so of on-again, off-again playing) I got through a wonderfully cathartic video game, The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. You get the chance to play the Hulk as he smashes and slams his way through cityscapes and bleak desert landscapes, crushing buses and cars (or ripping up the latter for use as armor-plated gauntlets), doing battle with tanks, 'copters, and even more specialized mech foes, leaping over (and even running up the side of) buildings and landmarks. The sense of speed and power was almost palpable, and was a great after-work stress reliever. It's rare that a game aims to so viscerally capture what it would be like to wield such immense power in a kind of "sandbox" setting.

So I got into the Hulk for a bit. (The movie of a few years back is sitting in its red netflix envelope right now.) One guy on a message board asked who would win, Hulk or Superman, a question which the Internet has of course thoroughly addressed. But on a different forum I found a slightly larger version of this post 9-11 image:

Man, after playing that game, and its exploration of the uncontrolled fury and occasional boasting ("Hulk is strongest there is!") of the Hulk, this image feels more and more like a metaphor for this nation and its response to WTC, particularly in Iraq: righteous fury and exercise of strength even if more restraint and finesse was called for and would have put us in a better situation.

Oh well. On a lighter note, from Mike Sterling's Progressive Ruin comics blog:

Heheheheh. Well, Hulk is supposed to be strongest one there is...