did you see that?

October 23, 2006
Watching the NFL. Patriots beat the Bills handily, they go over to the Falcons/Steelers. And then because of some bizarre contractual obligations, they can't show us the exciting tied-up endgame... instead, we get to watch the 4 guys in the studio watching the game. So weird... talk talk talk then they all shut up to see if the fieldgoal attempt is good or not, while we get to see them peering at the studio monitor, offscreen. Yeah, that's great TV. Way to go, NFL and CBS. (I guess they're not allowed to show a live game after 4:15, when it starts on the other network. Wow, talking about screwing the experience up for the viewer. I guess I blame the NFL more than anything.)

Small Gif Cinema of the Moment

that 00s
--EB + EBbaby, myself, EBSO, and Sarah, all sitting around the EB table during Sarah's recent visit. Not the most imaginative small gif cinema, but still, a nice effect and fun use of a "Lazy Susan" (Sorry MELAS)

Powerpoint of the Moment
Forget who sent this to me... prepping for the Death Star trench run with Power Point. S'funny!