my weekend and welcome to it

November 13, 2006
So this weekend I plowed through my 2004 entries and got 104 new quotes for my Quote-O-Matic viewer. Not quite so many gems, as far as I can tell, but some worthy entries.

Also I made an issue of the Blender of Love and did a little statistical analysis on what were the most popular categories for works. The feature page goes into more detail about each one, but here's a sorted summary:
Something Else 13411
Love Lost 1349
Love Found 948
It's Never Simple 892
Other Factors Interfere 437
Just Plain Admiring 408
'I Will Survive!' 396
A Metaphor 354
Confused 337
Lonely 318
Really, Really happy 285
Live for Today 283
Between Friendship and Romance 280
Still Life 253
Admiring From Afar 244
Love On The Net 113
Love Taking Away Freedom 103
Lonely But Happy. 101
Life as Second Fiddle 51
Mostly though I was proud of this chart:
It looks kind of like a rug.

Oh and Happy Birthday Ksenia!

Diplomacy of the Moment
The other week BoingBoing linked to this list of International Faux Pas, a topic that I've always found interesting, though the list wasn't quite as juicy as I had hoped. A bit later then BoingBoing linked to stories of American Soldiers making similar kind of cultural mistakes, even when they mean well. That last link is part of a Oral History of Reporting Iraq by the Columbia Journalism Review... they're still doling out the various chapters but it's some good stuff.

Book Review of the Moment
"How I Became Stupid" is a bad book. And I'm not the only person to think so. Note to self, don't fall for burbs like "A harmonious & surprising mixture of optimism and nihilism" again. Especially if the author is French.