the art of camo

November 25, 2006
Ksenia and I watched King Kong last night. I had heard it was a bit too long, but I wasn't expecting it would be so bad that we'd start rooting for the current wave of monstrous beasts to finish off the good guys. ("Oh, giant wasps? Maybe they'll finally be able to finish the job!")

Ad of the Moment
I know this Gamespot army ad is "not for my demographic", but I still think it's odd that the slogan could be used for antiperspirant merely by substituting the product name for "Army".

Also, the whole pixilated trend in camouflage still looks odd to me, as if the armd forces where deliberately trying to echo the "War as Videogame" theme you hear about every now and then.

Music of the Moment
So I am plowing through my entire CD collection, ripping stuff to MP3.

You make some weird discoveries-- stuff that entered your life in long-forgotten ways, like maybe the bargain bin at Disc Diggers back in the day, or picked up from old housemates, and has never received much listening...

I don't know if I like the music of "The Best Kissers in the World", but they have one of the best bandnames ever, and with track names like "She won't get under me till I get over you", "Bitch can't Sing", "Letter From You", and "You love sleepin'"... maybe there's something to them.