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November 24, 2006
Ugh, I'm terrible...now that I finally have some time, I don't feel like writing all that much...

Ok, so, I'll get too things out of my backlog. Today's theme is things that are NSFW, Not Safe For Work... I figure a day when most of my audience is on vacation should be good for that.

"MOM"-Filter Warning... all of today's entry can possibly be given a miss by the conservative-minded...

Overall, the tenor of today's entry might be billed as "Adolescent".

Passage of the Moment
"My name's Prag Titmouse," I say, "and my poem is called 'what the hell is wrong with lesbians, because cock is awesome.' I hope you like it." I pause, and clear my throat. Michelle is there at the edge of the stage, the only face that's laughing. I smile at her. "What the hell is wrong with lesbians?" I say. "Because cock is awesome. The end."

I jump off the stage and grab Richard's hand. Michelle is right there, and says something that I can't hear. I grab her hand too. Richard's eyes are wide, but he's smiling as he runs beside me. We all take a path that lands us some kicks and punches from the girls we pass, but which takes us to the door and avoids the bouncers.

It's been a while since I've read it... I remember it being a bit nihilistic, my note on it is "indy generbenderiffic mayhem and fun"

Link of the Moment
Annie Sprinkle's Bosom Ballet... I think I first saw a reference to this in A History of the Breast. Reading that description, her Ballet has really gotten around...

Small Gif Cinema of the Moment

Watched "Boys on the Side" with Ksenia the other day. Drew Barrymore flashing her breasts to her abusive (but now, clubbed and tied up) boyfriend, along with a cameo by the Indigo Girls, were about the only redeeming features of this hamfisted chickflick of a tearjerker. (Ksenia hated it even more than I did.) But Barrymore's little neener-neener dance seemed like it would make a good looping Small Gif Cinema... or fans of Ms. Barrymore and her breasts can consult a less diminutive version.