fo net ick lee

On a Business Trip... might not have time to update, so here's a bit of GTalk I sent at FoSO...
Your pointing out my dodgey spelling has made me try to analyze it a bit.
Most mistakes with words like "privelege" are phonetic.
I say that word closer to pri-vel-ledge than pri-ville-lidge, and that's what comes out when I type.
Other typos of mine, like my infamous word substitution, and the m<->b swap have phonetic aspects as well
What bugs me, is that I don't know if that indicates "I'm a verbal thinker, and my writing is dominated by the sound of the words I hear" or "I'm a visual thinker, so when I write things I do a half assed job" . Similarly I'm unsure of what to make of how I have to close my eyes to reduce stimulus when trying to speak a complex thought.
These seem like very blatant indicators on the visual/audio spectrum, but I'm not sure of what!

Quote of the Moment
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