i feel bad!

RIP James Brown, the godfather of soul.

Can't say we had to like everything about him, but damn he had soul.

Snarky News Comment of the Moment
I accidentally flipped on CBS news and got this story about a hospital experimenting with a live harpist, to see if the music would help in the hospital recovery unit. The story has this line:
Since many people equate a harp with heaven you might expect a little anxiety among patients waking up from life-saving surgery, but nurses say they get the opposite reaction.
Err, like "Wow, I must be in hell!"?

Website Gripe of the Moment
You know, tv.yahoo.com used to rock, far and away the easiest and quickest way to find out what's playing, but now it pretty much sucks. The frontpage is just celebrity bla-bla-bla, you have to dig and scroll for the listings, and then they seem to be doing some javascript-ish crap so that the whole page doesn't load all at once, the lower part of the page doesn't seem to try and load 'til you scroll down to see it... so it totally breaks the browsers in-page search, and it's own search engine was worthless for letting me know what channel the NFL game I had heard about might be on.

It's like crap for crap's sake.

I miss tvgrid.com. It was great.

K.I.S.S., you boneheads.

(It's kind of funny, though, that I still can't remember which channel is which, despite the fact that all I seem to watch is Bravo, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, Fox, and wherever there might be an NFL game on.)

Video of the Moment

--James Brown on Ed Sullivan (with bad A/V synching?) IMO, the contrast with Ed makes it the most interesting video from this recent tribute page. Watching his stuff makes me realize where Deee-lite got so much of its stuff from in the early 90s. But Ed seems to be trying a little hard to justify James Brown, emphaisizing the gospel roots, and hard work ethic it springs from (well, he was the Hardest Working Man in Show Business... I love his role as bandleader, and that whole call and response bit.
"Can I count it off?"
    "Go ahead!"
"Can I count it off?"
    "Go ahead!"
"Can I count it off?"
    "Go ahead!"
"1 2 3 4!"
    *bop* *bop* *bop* *badop*
(2019 UPDATE: the original video is lost but I think I found the Ed Sullivan talking bit I was mentioning, along with an awesome awesome medley)