spin, think, dance

The other week I had trouble with my projector, the bulb blew out. In checking out the situation I got reminded that DLP projectors use spinning disks to apply the colors to the greyscale image being shown through.

That concept sounded familiar, and I realized that some of the early TV prototypes also used rapdidly spinning disks. When I first heard that factoid, years ago, the idea of a spinning disk in a television seemed absolutely corny, but it would seem my scoffing was misplaced, and forms the foundation of the lovely big video image I enjoy in my living room now.

Articles of the Moment
I guess I'm supersticious enough to think that if I see two seperate pieces on the same subject in unrelated places, that's a bit of synchronicity that should pop them to the top of my kisrael queue.

So while waiting for a haircut yesterday I read this Time magazine debate between Richard Dawkins, stalwart atheist, and Francis Collins, genetic researcher and Christian convert from atheism.

Shortly before that, Bill the Splut had posted 10 myths -- and 10 truths -- about atheism. I thought they were pretty thoughtful responses to some common complaints about a lack of belief in the divine.

Video of the Moment

--Strangely sweet video of this one guy doing the same goofy little dance all over the world, via Break.com. The one downside is it reminds me what a craptastic taker of vacations I am.