kirky in the moonlight

January 8, 2007
Last night in Nyack I slept in my mom's living room. It has skylights and some other big high windows... great for light, not so good for washing, or video projectors during the day. (Actually during the day it's almost too bright... so far the only places where I really dig skylights are in bathrooms and cars.)

But I did get to sleep once or twice bathed in moonlight, the moon was really bright, maybe enough to read by. You definately get a small touch of something... I dunno, cosmic, or magical, or vaguely supernatural in that kind of setting. It's that great gentle glow, the photons from the sun reflecting off the moon picking up a certain... moondustness I guess.

Video of the Moment

--via Lore, a bunch of Cyriak's brilliant animated GIFs (some slightly viscerally disturbing, so be warned) set to a tune of his own devising... many made me laugh out loud, it's a real delight.

I clicked through his site, and while seeing the animated GIFs directly is a bit more "pure" than watching a YouTube video, the music and pile up effect added a lot.

I dig the Terry Gilliam influences. Sigh...if only I had the photoshop slice and dice skills, layout tools, talent, and imagination, *I* could do stuff like that.