i met my old office on the street last night

January 9, 2007
So I agreed to come in to my old job for a teleconference with a client I had been the primary contact for. I want to keep relations friendly with them, but I have to admit, I've got mixed feelings about doing so. There are some parallels with a broken-up romance, actually: the affair is over, at some point you'll soon you'll be in the market for a new partner, is it worth just fooling around for old times sake?

Site of the Moment

--from Indexed, a collection of venn diagram and other chart-based gags, all on scanned-in index cards. Some of them are a bit too snarky/sophomoric, but others are right on. I guess part of the charm is that they make you work for a bit to figure out "ok, what does this mean?" and then reward that effort with the punchline. (thanks Mr.Ibis)

Quote of the Moment
"If people never did silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done."