long, long, ago... ok, a little longer than that...

January 10, 2007
Had my UU covenant group last night... it was hosted by Jerry, an older member of the group (I think in his late 70s, maybe even a bit more than that.) Anyway, it was interesting, we used this set of glasses showing 10 years of the Dow Jones... 1959 to 1969, I think. It showed the monthly highs and lows and a line graph for all of those years, with little callouts showing particular events, so you can see how they correlated with the ups and downs of the market.

You don't see many people making the same kind of correlation to day to day events these days... either the market is a bit more resilient to breaking news, or it's just tough to keep track enough to make the correlation.

Anyway, one thing on the glass that I hadn't heard of was the Pueblo Incident, where North Koreans captured a reconnaissance ship of the United States.

Video of the Moment

Star Wars as a silent movie.... very well done. Given the way the films have some roots with the serials of the past, it fits pretty well.