when harry stalked sally

I was awoken this morning by an odd sound... the school across the street must have been having a fire drill or some kind of mass field trip, because there were tons of kids right in front of the apartment. I'm not sure why the sound of it was so striking, maybe just because my brain wasn't that awake, but all those voices merged... it was different than, say, a typical audience murmur, because some of the kids were shouting and what not. For some reason it was odd how you could pick out individual voices (thought none of the words) but was also one big burble.

Hmm. Apparently I can think like a stoned hippy first thing in the morning.

Oh hey, is it Groundhog's Day? My favorite not-quite-a-holiday!

Video of the Moment

--When Harry Met Sally: The Psychological Thriller. Brilliant recut.
Sometimes it hits me that making even normal movies trailers must be an interesting challenge.