35-odd hours into the new Legend of Zelda game for the Wii, and maybe only 2/3 or 3/4 done. On the one hand, that is a large chunk of time for a trivial pursuit. On the other hand, it's a work week. The game has largely been enjoyable, with a few annoying bits, and then the occasional "tell me why I'm playing this again?" I'm looking forward to when I can finally say it's done, and do a better job of thinking about other things.

I don't play all that many "big" games all the way through. But I've found puzzle-ish games like this one are fun with a co-pilot to givadvice, and sometimes drive, partially because it restores the social nature of gaming, which is really a big raw for me, and partially because I'm not all that clever with puzzles. I'm using a help guide when I'm on my own, but I try to use it for reference to keep me from getting stuck (and burning more time) instead of following it step by step.

Anyway, I was getting a bit burnt out on Zelda 'til I got to <SPOILER instructions="(highlight to read)">the Temple of Time, and this magic wand that lets you control your character as he controls a statue/robot with a big ol' stone hammer...very satisfying. </SPOILER.> That was nice.

The other nice part is the use of the word "twilit" as an adjective meaning "of or possessed by the Twilight Realm".

Quote of the Moment
I always get people gifts that I would want. Therefore, this year, you're getting a gun.
the about page mentions it's all the funnier because he has a great French-Canadian accent.