last of the scheinfeldt brothers

So yesterday I attended the funeral of Joe Scheinfeldt, last of the Scheinfeldt brothers, 4 great and funny guys, including my grandfather Papa Sam.

Anecdotes about the brothers include them swimming across the Charles naked, clothes in a bundle above the water (they were all good swimmers... actually all of them except Papa Sam served in the navy for decades), getting dresse, then sneaking into a Sox game. The legend doesn't explain if the swimming helped them sneak in somehow, or if it was just for the hell of it.

The graveside service was Navy, and included some moving touches, the flag-draped coffin, a rifle salute, taps, and the presentation of the flag to Joe's widow.

Comment of the Moment
"Good God. Wait until somebody leaves a Speak and Spell lying around. They'll probably send in a hostage team to negotiate with it."