So, a while back (yeesh, five years ago!) I made up some business cards to "help with my job search". (and there were a few more alternate ideas) Now, I never really used those cards much professionally... there's just not much of a call for them.

Tangent: Actually, I attended a mandatory job search seminar, and it strikes me that a fair chunk of the recommendations haven't really applied to my past searches. Details like the "thank-you note" and things of that sort, though the way they hammer home "networking" is certainly appropriate. I guess either some of that doesn't apply as much to techie jobs (or any professional career that has its own headhunters?) or in some ways, jobs are considered more disposable than they used to be. There's a fine line between "seeming eager about this job" to "appears stark raving desperate".

Anyway, while I've never had much call for personal business cards (I'm often hard-pressed to get rid of the company ones, even when I was doing business travel) there have been a few times where I started talking about this site in some social gathering, and the person seemed reasonably interested (or was polite enough to fake it) and I thought it would be useful to spell out the URL as an invitation for them to check it out later. (Especially since a lot of folk have trouble spelling the name.) So I came up with something like:

The design was influenced by the trouble I remember having getting the sheets to line up in the printer, I shied away from the edges, and/or made the design repetitive so overlap wouldn't matter. I'm still not 100% satisfied with the placement, but I guess the bigger question is this as nifty a concept as I think it is, or is it just irredeemably dorktastic? I'm also open to feedback on the layout.

One nice thing vs. the old designs is that it only has semi-permanent info about me, without city or techie skills I'm trying to emphasize. Also, I feel more comfortable about doing this with my own domain, as opposed to some livejournal URL.

Link of the Moment
My PDA situation is in a state of flux. One ToDo I had on an old device was to google up "Hathor / Ra Blood Story"... I guess it must be this tale about how Hathor, Goddess of Love, got her start as the wrathful Hathor-Sekhmet, Goddess of Destruction, by the power of a field full of beer: (beer red-tinted to look like blood, go figure.)
Then she laughed with joy, and her laughter was like the roar of a lioness hungry for the kill. Thinking that it was indeed blood, she stooped and drank. Again and yet again she drank, laughing with delight; and the strength of the beer mounted to her brain, so that she could no longer slay.

At last she came reeling back to where Ra was waiting; that day she had not killed even a single man.

Then Ra said: "You come in peace, sweet one." And her name was changed to Hathor, and her nature was changed also to the sweetness of love and the strength of desire.
That's a cool story.