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February 21, 2007
Do you think politicians ever change each other's mind, like with debate on the house floor? Does a convincing argument even matter at determining the outcome of votes, or is the real action in all the party-wrangling and poll analysis and the arguments are just good for sound clips on the evening news?

Link of the Moment
Potentially useful link: GetHuman.com... how to talk to a real live person as quickly as possible, for a big array of companies. (via Sarah, who wishes Dylan was on that list.)

Vacation Photos of the Moment
So on my first day in Florida, Felisdemens and I went to The Morikami museum and gardens.

I started to feel just a bit Zen...

Possibly even more Zen...not quite there yet though...

Got it!

Full-on Zen, I am.

I don't play enough with the manual settings on my camera, but I thought a longer exposure time would help this image of a waterfall:

One of the niftiest things to do at the Morikami is buying a bag of pellets to feed the koi and turtles there:

The koi swarm like crazy, pushing and shoving. I started feeling kind of sorry for the turtles (who weren't even accurate at grabbing the food even when they weren't being hassled by the fish) and tried to toss more stuff their way.

Finally, one of my favorite shots of the entire trip.
Click here for a 40% larger version.

So kisrael regulars know this isn't the first time I tried this. I couldn't get quite as close as that earlier office beetle, but it was a surprisingly patient little bug, and the lighting and coloration was better.