alas, poor coconut

February 22, 2007
Florida Photos of the Moment
This Florida trip included my first ever visit to a ren-fair, where people get dressed up all Old-Tymey. (Tangential link: Chaucer's Pickup lines: "Art thou a disastrous poll tax? Bycause I feele a risynge comynge on.")

Mr.Ibis bought himself a pair of horns:

But what I like about this photo is Felisdemens and myself in the glasses...

It being Florida, we of course had to at least pay homage at the beach:

(Like I mentioned, I tend to bring slight chills to warm places. Once I left Florida, it got back to the 80s. But while I was there, a brief dip up to my calves was all I was up for)

On this beach I found a waterlogged coconut rolling in the breaking waves:

But, Mr.Ibis is a better showman than I am:

And Felis decided to let the matter drop.

One of the most amazing things I saw in Florida, believe it or don't, was a small retail chain called BrandsMart. This is a store that relies on sensory overload:

The colors weren't the only loud thing in there... Mr.Ibis says they tend to have a much better selection than most retailers, offering older models along side the new unlike, say, Best Buy. It reminded me a lot of a typical retailer crossed with some of the stores I've seen in Mexico, just the overwhelming YOU BUY NOW of it all.

Finally, returning to their abode, I was struck by (on what was likely a library remainder) the old scifi section logo:

I couldn't figure out how to google for it and its other-department siblings. Any thoughts?

Quote of the Moment
The forceps of our minds are clumsy forceps, and crush the truth a little in taking hold of it.